World, renowned harmonica performer “Harper” will reveal the various secrets of the trade. He will demonstrate and discuss, note bending, tonguing, vamping, soloing, phrasing and breathing techniques. He will demonstrate acoustic and electric harmonica styles and the use of amplifiers to produce tone. All will be revealed!!!! Harper encourages audience participation so bring along a diatonic harp in the key of C major and be prepared to jam!!!! This workshop is designed for beginners to the very advanced. Everyone who attends this workshop will walk away with a new insight, a new attitude and a renewed love of the harp.

For the “Blues in the Schools” Program, Harper will discuss the history of the harmonica from its early beginnings in China and its journey to Germany then to the USA. Harper will demonstrate its use in blues music from its acoustic origins to the electric harmonica. Students will see the harmonica demonstrated in acoustic and electric format through traditional blues tunes via Harper and his talented band. Audience participation is encouraged for a fun day with the blues. This workshop is 50-60 minutes duration. Harper is also endorsed by Hohner Harmonicas who will contribute to all Harper’s harmonica workshops.


The Australian Didgeridoo Workshop is an exploration of Australian Aboriginal art, music and culture with a positive environmental theme. We encourage student participation through musical performance and an interactive slide/video show. The Australian Didgeridoo Workshop” is presented by Australian world, renowned didgeridoo/ harmonica performer/ singer/composer - Peter Harper and Australian singer/actress and music educator- Bobbi Harper (Bachelor of Music Education).

Husband and Wife Team- Peter and Bobbi- will describe through narration, music and an interactive slide/ video show, a general outline of the daily lives of the first Australians: ie what they eat, where and how they live, their art and music. Peter will demonstrate the unique indigenous instrument of the didgeridoo (yidaki) and its place in Aboriginal history. Peter Harper will give an account of his first hand experiences with tribal Aborigines in the “Outback” of Australia. He will describe how the Aborigines make a didgeridoo. He will talk about the spiritual and healing qualities of the instrument and its use in Aboriginal ceremonies. Peter will also talk about the different types of woods and keys available. He will demonstrate some breathing techniques to develop circular breathing. Peter will demonstrate various animal calls and rhythms through song. Peter will demonstrate the calls of the Australian indigenous animals i.e. Dingo/ Kookaburra/ Kangaroo and the Emu. During the presentation, color pictures of Aboriginal art, Australian animals and Aboriginal hunting implements/ artefacts such as the “boomerang” , “woomera” and “heilamon” will be displayed as well as a large map of Australia. Bobbi and Peter will discuss the best way to get started on the didgeridoo. They encourage audience participation by young and old . The question and answer segment at the end of the session have become very popular with audiences worldwide. The workshop is a positive and creative experience for all involved. It helps open minds and eyes to a part of the world that very few from the local community would ever likely be exposed to.

Presentation time is approximately 60 minutes.


“Didgeridoo Crafting” encourages workshop participants to create their own didgeridoos by the use of a plastic non toxic tube (usually three feet in length/ 1.5 inches width). This is a cost effective way to provide each student with a working didgeridoo. Students will design their didgeridoos in the style of the Australian Aboriginal artists using acrylic paint. Bobbi and Peter will demonstrate Aboriginal art. Students will learn how to paint water holes, animal tracks and Australian animals.. Once the didgeridoos have been decorated, students will learn how to play their didgeridoos. Bobbi and Peter will help each student to gain the basics of droning, circular breathing and calling. Peter has composed a song about Australia, its animals and the Didgeridoo called “The Australian Animal Choir”. This is a fun approach to learning a new instrument. This workshop is a “hands on” experience of Australian Aboriginal art, music and culture. The best part is that students can take their didgeridoo creation home with them at the end of the session.

Presentation time is approximately 60 minutes.. We are happy to combine both the general introduction with Didgeridoo crafting and performance. Low group rates are offered for two or more presentations.

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