Didgeridoo Sound Healing and Sound Bath Meditation with

Peter D. Harper and Bobbi Llewellyn-Harper

Sound Healing


Award winning Australian musicians and sound healers: Peter and Bobbi Harper create sound healing and a sound bath using the ancient Australian Aboriginal wind instrument called the “Didgeridoo” (Yidaki / Mako). Didgeridoo sound healing is a profound form of vibrational healing. The sonic vibrations release physical pain, grief, loss, stress and emotional blockages. Tune into your truth and become your sound.  Peter and Bobbi use didgeridoo sound vibration, color cards and vocal intonations to focus on each participant exploring the 7 chakras or 7 planet energy centers.   Individual sessions are typically 30 minutes in duration.   Couples sessions are also very beneficial

Sound Bath Meditation

A sound bath with the Didgeridoo is a powerful and uplifting meditational experience.  A sound bath session can expose emotions that need to be cleared  The Didgeridoo has been used for thousands of years to help the Aboriginal people of Australia to find their way across the land as they literally sing manifestation into existence. Everything is frequency and so when they tune into the frequency of the land, they manifest what they need. Therefore the Didgeridoo shows us who we really are and what is our truth. The low frequency range alters our brainwaves to a state of deep relaxation through what is known as brainwave entrainment. The sound can be felt and heard and works on all levels to bring you back to a state of what is natural.  Peter and Bobbi also incorporate   Australian indigenous message sticks, vocal intonations, Navajo – The Dine` traditional drum, singing bowls and keyboard drones.  Sound Bath Meditation sessions are typically group sessions and are 45 minutes duration.  

To book your Didgeridoo Sound Healing session and a Sound Bath Mediation please reach out to :

Bobbi at :  bobbillewellyn7@gmail.com