showylovefront HARPER AND MIDWEST KIND REVIEWS - “Show Your Love” (Blu Harp)

A singer/songwriter and masterful musician,Harper brings his stories to life with his unique blend of styles that incorporates elements of blues, soul, folk, R&B and so much more.· Harper's work on the harmonica is superb...and then some, adding that element of blues that we all enjoy. Reflections in Blues, USA.

“Treat your ears to something unique and satisfying, and get cozy with Show Your Love soon. This album will change thinking about what blues can be” Barry Kerzner American Bl
ues Scene USA

There are many moments of true brilliancy....Harper's new album is, undoubtedly, the pinnacle of his career so far. Gio Pilato, Blue Bird Reviews, United Kingdom

Australian born but Detroit based musician, Peter D Harper has forged for himself a reputation as a purveyor par excellence of 1950s Rhythm n Blues…and 70’s Funky Soul” Samuel J Fell. Rhythms Australia

Harper’s songs – all eleven tracks here are originals – are distinctive and often catchy blues, avoiding blues clichés though rooted in a late 60s/early 70s style, occasionally with a tinge of Americana or rock. This is a fine release, recommended to all lovers of modern blues – but don’t expect a guitar fest, this is far more subtle than that. Blues Matters, United Kingdom

This originality deserves the attention of all music lovers! Rootstime, Belgium

A beautiful album with fine music and especially meaningful lyrics. Eric Campfens, Barn Owl Blues, The Netherlands

Show Your Love is not your conventional blues album, but Harper’s vocals and harmonica virtuosity, along with the tight support of the backing band are a plus, and the use of the “Down Under” instruments add a lot of character to these songs ... already good songs anyway. If this is what we’re calling “World Blues,” count me in. The terrific music and the positive messages make this album a keeper in most discerning fans’ collections. Graham Clarke, Blue Night USA

“Harper is an original, playing the harmonica like an authentic Chicago bluesman, singing about unity and love like a member of peacenik jam band, belting crisp vocals like a straight-up classic rock performer, and then pioneering the didgeridoo into these popular forms of modern music. Unique and quality music of this kind is truly a rare treat”. Karyn Albano, Modern Rock Review, USA

"Harper was born to play the harmonica. He has an amazing presence and sense of what fits in when he is playing. His blues is original!” Muzik Reviews, USA.

What makes Harper’s music so special is the use of instruments particularly the djembe and the didgeridoo. Together with his masterful harmonica playing and his powerful singing, you get a new approach to the roots genre. JePe, Beale Street, Belgium